How many plates do you need on each side of the barbell?

Enter the total weight in kilos. The number of plates will be shown, allowing 25kg for one calibrated barbell and two competition collars.



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*Note. Powerlifting (PL) and weightlifting (WL) have plates that feature the same weight from 25kg down to 2.5kg. The change plates differ slightly as weightlifting requires a 1kg increase to set a new record, while powerlifting only requires a 0.5kg increase. Therefore, weightlifting change plates, lighter than 2.5kg, differ slightly from powerlifting change plates.

Weightlifting: 2 kg (blue), 1.5 kg (yellow), 1 kg (green) and 0.5 kg (white).

Powerlifting: 1.25 kg,, 0.5 kg, 0.25 kg (all chromed).

This may cause issues when you try to load a total weight that does not conform to weightlifting record standards.e.g 103kg will need 25x1, 10x1, 2.5x1, 1.5x1. But 103.5kg, with a 0.5kg increase, is not "regulation" so the plate list will show a remainder not loaded on the bar. This is not an issue with powerlifting.

And in case you were wondering, both disciplines are metric. The third option of "Mix of lb & kg" is for use in a gym which is unfortunately burdened with 45kg plates but where you have your own change plates from 5kg down to the either 0.5kg (WL) or 0.25kg (PL).




25kg Plate
20.4kg Plate
20kg Plate
15kg Plate
11.3kg Plate
10kg Plate
5kg Plate
2.5kg Plate
2kg Plate
1.5kg Plate
1.25kg Plate
1kg Plate
0.5kg Plate
0.25kg Plate
0.25kg Plate



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