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WRK 16819 B17 bomber plane wreck underwater with divers. World War 2 casualty during U.S. attack over iron bottom sound. WRK 18610 Aeroplane wreck at 35m. World War II Beaufort Bomber and diver. WRK 22721 Shipwreck. Stella Maru fishing boat. WRK 23594 Shipwreck. Taiwanese fishing trawler with diver. WRK 23604 Shipwreck. Taiwanese fishing trawler. Bow with yellow soft corals and fusilier fish.
WRK 16819.jpg WRK 18610.jpg WRK 22721.jpg WRK 23594.jpg WRK 23604.jpg
WRK 25044 Shipwreck MV Belama at 21M. View from the stern. WRK 25094 Diver with machinegun outside the President Coolidge shipwreck. WRK 25171 Troop toilets inside the President Coolidge shipwreck. WRK 25215 Lady And The Unicorn figurine in the main saloon area of the President Coolidge shipwreck. WRK 25239 Diver with projectile on the USS Tucker shipwreck.
WRK 25044.jpg WRK 25094.jpg WRK 25171.jpg WRK 25215.jpg WRK 25239.jpg
WRK 25248 Diver with superstructure on the shipwreck Uss Tucker. WRK 25267 Diver on the USS Tucker shipwreck with Netted Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus) WRK 35191 Remains of the Arizona battleship at Pearl Harbour. WRK 3827 Shipwreck of the Runic on Middleton Reef, Coral Sea, at sunset. WRK 49171 Pier pylons with school of Hardyhead baitfish.
WRK 25248.jpg WRK 25267.jpg WRK 35191.jpg WRK 3827.jpg WRK 49171.jpg