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DVR 1176 Divers in shark cage with underwater cameras during White Shark expedition. K01C01 12634 Soft corals (Dendronephthya sp.) DVR 12644 Diver with Strawberry Soft Corals (Dendronephthya sp.) DVR 14652 Diver with Humpheaded Maori Wrasse or Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) F18AY04 14658 Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) with diver.
DVR 1176.jpg DVR 12634.jpg DVR 12644.jpg DVR 14652.jpg DVR 14658.jpg
F18AY04 14668 Humpheaded Maori or Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) with diver. K01C01 18590 Yellow Soft Coral (Dendronephthya sp.) with diver at 35m on coral reef wall. K01C01 20795 Yellow Soft Corals (Dendronephtya sp.) on reef edge  with divers. DVR 20975 Divers with metal detector and coins while treasure hunting. DVR 2368 Divers in coral reef chasm with red whip coral and small reef fish.
DVR 14668.jpg DVR 18590.jpg DVR 20795.jpg DVR 20975.jpg DVR 2368.jpg
DVR 2386 Divers on coral reef with red soft corals, sea fans and crinoid. DVR 2390 Divers at cave entrance with Gorgonian Sea Fans (Subergorgia mollis) N02A 24190 Elephant Ear Sponge (Axinellida sp.) DVR 2441 Divers with Soft Corals (Dendronephthya sp.) DVR 25264 Diver with Netted Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus) on the USS Tucker shipwreck.
DVR 2386.jpg DVR 2390.jpg DVR 24190.jpg DVR 2441.jpg DVR 25264.jpg