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Carpet Sharks.
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S05A02 44757 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare) S05A02 44758 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare) S05A02 44769 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare) S05A02 44790 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare) S05A02 44815 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare)
S05A02 44757.jpg S05A02 44758.jpg S05A02 44769.jpg S05A02 44790.jpg S05A02 44815.jpg
S05A02 44816 Collared Carpet Shark (Parascyllium collare) Portrait. S05A03 26178 Rusty Carpet Shark (Parascyllium ferrugineum) portrait showing eye detail and nasal barbels. S05A03 26198 Rusty Carpet Shark (Parascyllium ferrugineum)  resting on Eklonia kelp fronds in 30m of water. S05A03 7516 Rusty Carpet Shark (Parascyllium ferrugineum) Nasal barbel, mouth and tooth detail. S05A04 19805 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum)
S05A02 44816.jpg S05A03 26178.jpg S05A03 26198.jpg S05A03 7516.jpg S05A04 19805.jpg
S05A04 19818 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum) S05A04 19826 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum) S05A04 19842 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum) being attacked by Eleven-armed Sea Star (Coscinasterias muricata) S05A04 19850 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum) S05A04 19856 Varied Carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum)
S05A04 19818.jpg S05A04 19826.jpg S05A04 19842.jpg S05A04 19850.jpg S05A04 19856.jpg